Verslag IAAF

Verslag IAAF Crosscup Hannuit.

With Mombasa on their minds, Kiplagat are top in Hannut

Monday 29 January 2007

Hannut, Belgium - The Ethiopian favourites were upset by strong Kenyan challengers in Hannut yesterday at the European XC permit meeting.

In the women’s race Teyiba Erkesso (ETH) thought she had made a decisive move in her duel with Florence Jebet Kiplagat. However, the young Kenyan hung on and outsprinted Erkesso in the final metres. In the men’s race, Simon Koros Arusei looked very comfortable breaking away from the lead group in the penultimate lap to score a dominant win.

WOMEN - Kiplagat outsprints Erkesso

Aniko Kalovics from Hungary took the lead in the early stages. Erkesso and Kiplagat followed the pace, Belgian Veerle Dejaeghere and Fionnulla Britton from Ireland gradually closed in from behind, but the three leaders were already gone. Erkesso tried to pull away from the field at several occasions, but Kiplagat always stayed on her shoulder, while Kalovics finally dropped off the uneven pace. Erkesso tried to break the tie with Kiplagat in a long sprinting effort, and while victory seemed to be sure for Erkesso, Kiplagat returned in force and overtook the Ethiopian in the last straight before the finish line.



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