Veerle wint in Diekirch

Sultan Khamis Zaman and Veerle Dejaeghere win Diekirch Eurocross

Monday 12 February 2007

Qatar’s Sultan Khamis Zaman and Belgium’s Veerle Dejaeghere were the winners of the Diekirch Eurocross - IAAF Cross Country Permit Race - in Diekirch, Luxembourg, yesterday.

While the men’s winner had already triumphed in Diekirch two years ago the women’s winner was more of a surprise. “We have seen some very good races in Diekirch. And concerning quality this was one of the best events in recent years. The depth of the fields was good and much better than last year,” said the organiser of the race, Antoine Moureaud



WOMEN - In contrast to the men’s race the women’s event saw an early and successful attack. After a shorter opening lap Veerle Dejaeghere took the lead at the steep climb of the first longer round. The 33-year-old Belgium soon opened a gap of ten to twelve seconds to her rivals. Running in second place was Ireland’s Fionnuala Britton. She was able to make up some ground during the 5.3km race but could not catch Dejaeghere, who took the race with 18:44. Britton was second in 18:47 while Kenya’s Mirriam Wangari was third (19:07).

Since 2000 Susanne Hahn (Germany) has run the Diekirch Eurocross annually. While she had finished within the top ten every year she finally won the event in 2006. This time she came in fourth with 19:18. Running her first proper race for a long time Anita Weyermann (Switzerland), the 1500 m bronze medallist of the World Championships in 1997, finished seventh in 19:45. Two months after knee surgery she was happy with her result.  

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