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Dejaeghere to hang up her spikesPrint
Top Belgian distance runner Veerle Dejaeghere has
decided to call it a day.
After the retirement of top Belgian sports stars Tia Hellebaut and Kim Gevaert last year, another stalwart - Veerle Dejaeghere - has decided to hang up her spikes later this year.

The 35-year-old distance runner will compete for last time indoors at the IAAF Permit Meet in Gent on February 8.

Even at the fag end of her eventful career, Dejaeghere as hungry as ever and is planning to go for the national indoor mile record 4:49.55. 

The multiple national record holder has decided to participate in two cross-country races before calling it a day. Both the races are a part of the Belgian Lotto CrossCup -Dour on February 15 and Oostende on March 1.

"When I look back at my career, I have no regrets.  I did everything that I could," she said.

"However, I find that I sometimes did not listen to my body. And I paid for it. The time has come to call it quits. I will certainly miss athletics. The daily training sessions were always something special," she was quoted by the Belgian media.

Dejaeghere will also be seen in action at this Sunday's Lotto Crosscup de la Province de Liege in Hannut.

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